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    That time I added a bit too much bubblebath to the tub.

    that’s a shower…

    Is this john green

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  2. yunglapras:

    i hate that “LOL SO IF WOMEN ARE EQUAL CAN I PUNCH YOU” shit bc 1 in 3 women are abused

    y’all are already punching us

    the issue is that we’d like you to stop

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    [A tweet from the account of Steph Guthrie (@amirightfolks) that reads “When you victim-blame, be aware that in all likelihood, at least one woman you know and love silently decides she cannot trust you.” At the time of this screenshot, the post had 1044 retweets, and 760 favourites.]

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    "North Melbourne Study 16"

    Oil on Board 

    16.5x16.5 cm

    Private collection, 2012



  7. "

    What To Do When Your Boyfriend’s Asshole Best Friend Says, “Hey, Never Trust Anything That Bleeds For Seven Days And Doesn’t Die,
    OR The Only Poem I’ll Ever Write About Periods.

    Don’t excuse him because he’s had
    at least three lite beers
    and is sweating through his black button down
    that his mom or exgirlfriend
    probably bought him.
    Don’t excuse him because he’s been turned down
    by the last six girls he went on dates with
    after meeting them on tindr
    with a picture that’s seven years old
    Don’t excuse him because
    he’s usually such a nice guy
    because you don’t want to be a bitch
    because you don’t want to cause a scene
    because when you were seventeen
    your sister told you
    no one likes an angry feminist

    Tell him,
    Hey, Asshole:
    Let me explain something to you.
    Every goddamn motherfucking month since I was eleven,
    a part of me
    tore itself to shreds
    ripped itself apart inside me
    and then remade itself.

    So yes, I bleed for seven days
    and I don’t die
    You know what else can do that?
    Immortal beings.
    Things of legend.
    Fuck, I can even
    create life.

    So I say, never trust anything that can’t
    bleed for seven days and not die.
    You know what that makes it?
    So let’s see, hon,
    What you’re made of.
    If you can bleed for seven days
    and not die.

    Rip out his jugular with your teeth.
    And when he bleeds for seven seconds
    and dies,
    spit on his corpse and say,
    I thought not.

    — Katherine Tucker (via sirblack)

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  8. nevver:

    Where you feel it

    mental health is IMPORTANT

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  9. As a human

    I respect your right to chocolate, love, mascara and insomnia.  

  10. deacastiel:

    what mens rights activists really sound like

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